Library cards are free to residents of Bangor Borough, Lower Mount Bethel Township (that portion in the Bangor Area School District), Upper Mount Bethel Township, Portland Borough, Roseto Borough and East Bangor Borough with proof of identification of your current address. If the book is on reserve, no renewal is allowed. Books may be renewed at the library, over the telephone or you may create an account on the catalog and renew the books via the Internet. Books may also be placed on hold via the Internet. There is also a book drop outside the building open during the hours the library is closed. The first card you receive is free to residents of the BASD.

Check-out periods:
  • Book and magazines are checked-out for three weeks.
  • Videos and DVDs are checked-out for one week.
Overdue Books:
  • This is very important! Library books become overdue at closing time on their due date. Every day at closing time all books not yet returned but due that day are now overdue. If the book is put in the book drop after the library has closed for the day the book will not be checked in until the next day making the book one day late.
  • FINES:
    • Books & magazines – $.15 per day per book
    • Videos & dvds – $1.00 per day per item
    • Fines do not accumulate on days the library is closed
Costs for copies:
  • $.25 per page from copier and from printer
Costs for fax service:
  • $1.00 per page to send a fax
Lost card:
  • $5 replacement fee
Replacement of lost or damaged material:
  • Replacement cost plus $5 processing fee