Library-Books Obtaining a Library Card Library cards are free to residents of the Bangor Area School District, which includes Bangor Borough, Lower Mount Bethel Township (that portion in the Bangor Area School District), Upper Mount Bethel Township, Portland Borough, Roseto Borough and East Bangor Borough. Proof of a local address is required. The following are accepted as proof of residence:
  • current state driver’s license or ID card with local address
  • check book with local address imprint
  • a bill in your name with a local address accompanied with a photo ID
The first library card is free. A $5.00 replacement fee is charged for lost Library cards.  You are responsible for all items borrowed on your Library card. Regular library cards are issued to individuals over 16. Junior cards are issued to anyone younger than 16 and require a parent or legal guardian signature along with proof of residency.  Parents or legal guardians are responsible for any library materials and/or fines accrued by the Junior card holder. Your library card must be presented each time you check out any library items. Library ID cards are not transferable. Checking out materials with a library card belonging to another person, including a relative, is not permitted. Any Pennsylvania resident with a library card from his/her home library may obtain a Bangor Public Library card at no charge if the home library participates in AccessPA.  Non-residents who work for the Bangor Area School District may also obtain a library card at no charge. Individuals outside of the Bangor Area School District may become a member of the Bangor Public Library by paying an annual fee as listed below.   If a member has overdue materials or outstanding fines, the membership may not be renewed until all library obligations are satisfied.
    First Year Membership Fees:
  • Individual Membership = $25
  • Family Membership = $35
After First Year Membership Fees:
  • Individual Membership = $15
  • Family Membership = $25
Borrowing Library Materials Checking Out Items You may have a total of 10 items checked out on your library account at any one time and in any combination of materials listed below.  Materials may be renewed two times if there are no holds on them. Overdue Materials Books may be renewed at the library or by telephone.   You also may renew the books yourself via our online Destiny catalog.  Books may be placed on hold via our online Destiny catalog.  Please note: Inter-Library Loan items may not be renewed. Library materials are overdue after closing on the day the items are due. Books put in the book drop after the Library has closed for the day will be checked in the next day, making them one day overdue.  Late fees are assessed per item per day from the first day past due. Fines (per day/per item)
  • Books = $.25
  • Magazines = $.25
  • Audio books = $.25
  • DVDs = $1.00
Fines do not accumulate on days the library is closed.  The maximum fine is $10.00 per item. Fees
  • Lost or damaged material = $5.00 processing fee plus replacement cost
  • Lost Library card = $5.00 replacement fee except as otherwise noted
Overdue notification
  • The patron will be called when materials are overdue. If unable to reach by phone or leave a message, a reminder note will be sent.
  • An overdue notice will be sent when materials are two weeks overdue.
  • At three weeks, the patron will receive a letter that includes the PA Library Statute regarding overdue materials, the amount owed and notification that the next step will be to turn the account over to the local district justice.
  • At week four, the overdue account information will be sent to the magistrate. At that point the patron must follow the instructions of the district justice.
Confidentiality According to Pennsylvania Statutes Title 24 Education, Chapter 16 Libraries, Article IV, all records related to the circulation of library materials shall be confidential and shall not be made available to anyone except by a court order in a criminal proceeding. Pennsylvania Library Code Section 426. Retention of Library Property after Notice to Return Whoever retains any book, pamphlet, magazine, newspaper, manuscript, map or other property belonging in or to or on deposit with the State Library or any local library which is established or maintained under any law of this Commonwealth or the library of any university, college or educational institution chartered by the Commonwealth or the library of any public school or any branch reading room, deposit station or agency operated in connection therewith, for a period exceeding thirty days after such library has given written notice to return the same, shall, upon conviction in summary proceedings, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than twenty-five dollars ($25) to be paid over by the magistrate imposing such fine to the library instituting the prosecution and cost of prosecution. Any person in default of payment of such fine and costs shall undergo imprisonment in the county jail for a period not exceeding ten days. Such notice may be given by personal service upon the borrower or by the mailing of a letter, by first class mail, to the borrower’s address on file with said library. The notice shall refer to this act and shall contain a demand that the property be returned. (426 amended May 5, 1970, P.L.330, No.106) Additional Fees Costs for copies:
  • $.25 per page from copier and from printer
Costs for fax service:
  • $1.00 per page to send or receive a fax
Lost card:
  • $5 replacement fee