WARNING! If you get an email that appears to be from WhatsApp and says you’ve received a vocal note, or an audio message, or anything like that, DO NOT open that email. Embedded within it is a Trojan virus that will download other malware products to infect your computer. Immediately delete the email and then empty your email trash to make sure it is really gone. And make sure your security software is up to date too.

The WhatsApp application is not behind these emails that are actually coming from cybercriminals who are trying to destroy your computer & steal your information. WhatsApp is not the only app name that is used. For example, Interfax and District Court emails are the same thing. DO NOT OPEN THEM! You are not receiving a Fax or being summoned to District Court via email.

If you get an email that you are not sure about, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

AtoZ World Access Fixed!

The problem accessing AtoZ World from outside the Library has been resolved. When the AtoZ World page opens, select the Library Card Log In in the upper right of the screen.  When entering your library card number, be sure to use the P.   If you have any problems, email or call the library at 610-588-4136.