Dear Slate Belt Resident:

Thank you for your past support of the Bangor Public Library. Each time you visit the Library, borrow materials, contribute a monetary gift, donate books for the used book sales, or volunteer, you help keep alive a shared community resource. The doors of knowledge and lifelong learning have been open for our community members for ninety-one years.

The importance of the Library to Bangor, East Bangor, Lower Mount Bethel, Portland, Roseto, Upper Mount Bethel, and Washington cannot be overstated. It is critical that free access to collections, technology, and programs remains available to students, job hunters, senior citizens, and all the thousands of patrons who walk through our doors seeking information. On a monthly basis, the Bangor Public Library sees 2,890 residents come through our doors with many utilizing on site services, such as fax machine, copy machine, computers and more.

Many wonderful things have been happening here. The library has implemented new policies to help kids read away their fines as well as providing many programs lead by local authors. A new book club for adults now meets at the library along with a knitting club. All of these improvements are because of your continuing support of the library.

This year’s campaign will raise funds to support the mission of preserving our community Library. Our goal is to close the $30,000.00 deficit and also to offer enhanced opportunities for patrons by:

We hope this letter will encourage your continued support with a tax-deductible donation. As our population grows, so does the need for our Library’s resources. The Bangor Public Library wants to be able to continue to serve all citizens as the need for information grows. Thank you for your assistance in securing the Library’s collections, programs, and services for you and future generations of library users.

Kathleen Lynch,
Library Director

Please detach the form below and return it with your contribution.
Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Yes! I would like to support the Library. Enclosed is my contribution of:

Make check payable to Bangor Public Library or pay by credit card/donation button.
The Library is a non-profit organization under section 501c(3) of the IRS code.